Brittany Thomas’s Story

March 3 2012 was a day that changed my sister and my life forever. This was the day our mother’s life was taken in a motor vehicle accident on Ross road. After our dad passed away in 2009, our mom met a new guy. We knew this man was a bad influence on our mom, but we just wanted her to be happy. On March 3 of 2012, my mom and her boyfriend went to a Rockets hockey game. As it got later in the night, I wondered why my mom was not home from the game yet. I called her phone, no answer. I had a horrible feeling. I had a strange urge to check Castanet, and that’s where I discovered that my mom had passed away. My mom was the passenger in a car with her boyfriend when they ran a yellow light on the highway turning left on Ross road, and another car, going over 140 km/h sped through the yellow light and struck their car. My mom died on the scene. My moms boyfriend did not have a license and was charged, as well as the other car was charged for her death. Losing our parents at such young ages (me still only in high school at the time) was the hardest things we will have to go through, and still affects me today. Since then, left turn signal lights have been placed at the intersections surrounding that area. Every year, I place flowers on Ross road in March to remember her and to remind others to drive safe.


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