One Crash is Too Many Purpose

In 2010 a good friend, Gary Thornton, was killed in a needless car crash.  This tragedy, combined with years of witnessing the aftermath of preventable car crashes, inspired us to launch the One Crash is Too Many campaign.

Following Gary’s death, and after years of dealing with the painful aftermath of car crashes, it became obvious that car crashes are completely avoidable, and not inevitable as society has come to accept.

Paul is a  legal columnist who noticed a theme emerge in his columns as he found himself consistently reminding readers that one crash is too many.

Inspired by reader support, Paul saw the influence he could have in his community.

“We just don’t get that tragedy can happen to us”, he wrote in a column following the death of Gary, whose life could have been spared through the use of his seat belt.

One Crash is too Many strives to promote attentive driving habits that do not have to be inspired out of personal tragedy.

We are improving driving attitudes by:

  1.     Organizing awareness events
  2.     Promoting car crash statistics
  3.     Uniting the community to brainstorm ways to improve driving attitudes
  4.     Involving the government to support our cause

Please help us to promote the same driving attitudes.

We are determined to make a lasting difference.