S.L’s Story

I only talk about drinking and driving one day a year and today is the day.

40 years ago today a man made the decision to drive while under the influence, my mom was killed as a result of this man’s poor planning.

I will keep this short and just state that growing up without my mom was really hard, and I miss her everyday. Please don’t drink and drive, and please don’t let your friends do so either.  Drinking and driving changes and shatters lives.  Her death drastically changed the course of my life.  I missed out on having a mentor to look up to while I was young and impressionable, and today, as an adult, I am missing out on a best friend.  My Mom wanted me, getting pregnant for her was not an accident, I came into this world very intentionally.  Sadly, my dad did not want me and has struggled with addiction most of his life.  So when my mom was senselessly killed by an irresponsible drunk driver, not only was I robbed of a mother, but I was robbed of the only parent who wanted me – the only parent who was able to take care of me.  I hope that there are jaws on the floor reading these sad stories – there should be.

It doesn’t matter if you are drinking and driving, texting and driving, or drugging and driving.  A license is a privileged, not a right.


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