Sandra Donnelly’s Message

My name is Sandra Donnelly. My mother was Marilyn Donnelly, killed on February 17th in Kelowna at the Loseth Drive intersection. The past 16 days have been devastating for me and my family. My mother was healthy, active, and blessed with a family history of longevity that could have easily seen her live another 25 years (Her 92-year old mother travelled from Trindad to New Brunswick to attend the funeral last week). It is comforting to know that there are people, like you, in Kelowna who are angry and moved by this seemingly unfair and unnecessary tragedy that took the life of my mother. Best of luck with your quest to increase awareness that one crash is too many.

Sandra Donnelly, New Brunswick


  1. Jennifer Thomas says:

    I will not begin to try to imagine what you and your family has been through in the wake of the loss you have encountered as a result of a senseless “accident”. What I want you to know, is that your post has driven home a personified message, and sparked discussion in my immediate community. I am not suggesting in any way that this should have happened, or this happened for a reason. It was a tragedy, a senseless “accident”, and your Mother was taken too soon.
    I posted the comment to my facebook wall and it received shares (to other peoples wall- not sure how well versed you are to facebook) and I discussed quick sudden senseless “accidental” death at the hands of speed-driven senselessness with a large group of friends. We were all talking and discussing the effect speed has and the trickling down effect there after. I have even found myself speeding a bit unintentionally and looking down all to quick and realize that I was over the limit, but heard the phrase in my head…. “ONE CRASH IS TOO MANY”
    Your tragedy and your willingness to share your experience has acted as an ambassador to spread a message of truth. Putting a name to the phrase was far more personal, and I think that often the people left behind after a senseless “accident” are the ones that are forgotten. Your story needs to be heard and thanks once again for sharing. Although Marilyn’s life was taken prematurely, she has not died in vain. Others will be saved by your willingness to share her story, and putting a name to the phrase. Your family is in my thoughts.

  2. Sandra Donnelly says:

    Jennifer – I am glad that my words have helped to make my mother more than an unfortunate statistic, and that you were prompted to share with your community. My mother was a pedestrian bystander victim of a car accident that was entirely preventable. Maybe other accidents like this can be prevented in the future.

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